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July 2024 Issue
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Click here to watch the panel discussion with The Art Brand Alliance

Read all about July's Featured Designers,
Maureen Flynn & Nicole Shorthouse, on our blog


Click here to watch my chat with designer, Elizabeth Silver where we discuss topics on surface pattern design.

TESTIMONIALS: "I'm totally excited! It's because of your publication that I won a contract with a design company." -Tracy Hall

"...I’ve also spent the last few months designing an exclusive collection for The Textile District (I have you to thank for that)..." - Kerryn B.

"I wish I knew this information a long time ago!  You are the first expert in surface design to be this forthcoming." - Danielle N.

"I did get a great fabric manufacturer so far from that list and they are in the process of manufacturing and selling a collection of 18 coordinating designs of mine. " - Staffin Design

"I wanted to say thank you so much for the list! I already got offered 1 licensing deal (it will be my first EVER)

I am extremely excited and wanted to say THANK YOU!"

- Chen

July 2024 Issue #38

Editor: Stacie Dale

Surface Design News

The Monthly E-Newsletter for all things Surface Pattern Design


Cover Design by:

Hannah Tarrant

What’s Inside This Edition?

Companies Accepting Artist Submissions

Company Product Resources

Who’s Teaching? - Vanessa Stoilova

What’s Happening?

Let's Watch: Art Brand Alliance Panel Discussions

Designer Spotlights:

Maureen Flynn,

Nicole Shorthouse of Finchley Designs

Designer Profiles



August 2024 Issue# 39  

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