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Stacie Dale, editor


    Hello!  I'm Stacie Dale; editor of Surface Design News.  I've spent nearly 30 years working in the apparel and home decor industries and I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences and reporting on everything happening in surface design. I received my bachelor's degree in fashion design from Drexel University where I fell in love with fabrics, graphic design, prints, and fashion history. A lot has changed in the surface pattern world in the last decade alone, so let's take a look back at the past and a look forward to new trends of the future!

​    Every issue of Surface Design News will contain a comprehensive list of companies accepting artist submissions, articles on the history of prints and patterns, interviews with industry professionals, and links to online courses and events. You'll also have access to our private Facebook Group where you'll find job postings, great conversations, more company contacts, and event alerts.  I hope for this newsletter to be a community of sharing ideas and information to help further your interest in the surface design industry.  If you have a topic you'd like us to report on or are interested in being featured in the newsletter, email us at . We'd love to have you join our design community!

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